We started working with a client in June 2014 from an online retail industry. When we took it over from their remote bookkeeper, the accounting was not easy to follow. There were duplicate entries, no bank reconciliation, nor year ending closing from previous years. We finished bank reconciliation and cleaned up their accounts: i.e. accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bank accounts, which had un-cleared transactions, one at a time.

After 100 hours work, we were able to provide complete financial statements. After that, we helped with integrating their retail sales software and inventory management software with QuickBooks.

We streamlined their bookkeeping and created a monthly plan so we could keep everything clean and reconciled. We currently work remotely and go onsite once a week. The owner is very pleased with our work. As long as we can get necessary information from the client on time, we can provide accuate financial statements whenever the client needs it.